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17 Oct 2015

USQ Australia MBA at MDi Pakistan – 7 Reasons for Joining

Why do so many successful working professionals with jobs in middle to senior positions in local and international organizations join the USQ Australia MBA at MDi Pakistan? What are they looking for and what do they compare against? We believe that the majority of students join the program for one or more of the following 7 reasons:

1. I want to re-profile my existing engineering/technical profile

Quite a few applicants are technical, engineering, IT type graduates who have had a few years of experience and want to re-profile themselves out of being labeled as a “techie”. These are the guys who don’t want to spend most of their time re-configuring routers or writing code any more.

2. I want a value add, international degree 

These are the candidates who already have good local or international bachelor degrees, jobs in multinationals or well-known local organizations and who don’t think a local degree will add value to their CV.

3- I want an international degree but don’t want to go abroad

An increasing number of working professionals don’t see value in leaving their jobs and careers for a 2-year stint abroad. There are exceptions – of course – like someone who gets a full scholarship in an ivy league university overseas but the majority don’t see value in ditching their jobs, salaries and network for an on-campus program overseas.  A program such as the one at MDi offers the ideal combination – stay here, keep earning a salary and build experience and credibility, get an international degree and do it at 1/3 the cost!

4- I am planning to get an international assignment abroad

A number of our students are those with some credible work experience working in an international firm and they are actively seeking an international assignment with their own form or with a new employer in the Middle East, in UK, USA, etc. They know that having an international degree will be preferable for such potential employers.

5- I want to migrate to Australia

Some of our students are already Australian citizens or have applied for Australian residence. A USQ Australia degree that can be acquired here while they wait to go to Australia is particularly attractive.

6- I may be traveling extensively or get posted abroad unexpectedly 

Many of our working professional have busy schedules and quite a few travel extensively. Some, in particular expatriate students, are not sure when they might be asked to relocate abroad. This program offers flexibility in terms of class attendance, in terms of ability to study independently from remote locations, in terms of relocating an exam center or even changing study location to another city or country.

7- I may want to spend some time on-campus in Australia

This is the perfect program to choose how much of the program is studied here – at low cost – and how much is spent on-campus in Australia. Local study attracts 100% credit transfer  to the USQ Australia on-campus program.

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