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14 May 2013

Saqib Wins USQ International Partner Prize

Saqib RiazMDi is pleased to announce that Saqib Riaz has been selected by the USQ faculty and staff for the prestigious USQ International Partner Prize for 2012. He is also the recipient of a Highly Commended Certificate and the USQ Dean’s Award for his outstanding academic performance in 2011.

The international partner prize, considered as one of USQ’s most sought after awards, is conferred once each year to only four out of eight thousand USQ students from around the world. The award is independent of courses being undertaken, and depends purely on students’ academic performance and contributions to society.

Saqib has a GPA of 5.92/7.00 with 1 HD and 9 As. In addition to his remarkable academic performance, he is also an active social worker providing and developing the language and communication skills of students from under privileged communities.

MDi Pakistan is proud to receive this award every year. Previously, it was awarded to Mr Bilal Chaudhry in 2011 for his exceptional academic performance in MBA.