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Zeeshan Shahid

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 MBA Global Business
Regional Manager Administration – UFone

Zeeshan Shahid is Regional Manager Administration at Ufone PTML. He has recently completed his MBA Global Business Management awarded by University of Southern Queensland – USQ Australia) at MDi Pakistan. This is what he had to say about his experience:

When I set out to do an MBA, I went through many alternatives trying to figure out the best option. The USQ program through MDi appeared to be the most beneficial as the study system was flexible and allowed me to study while I worked. Moreover,  the degree was awarded directly by USQ Australia. Also, I chose USQ because of its reputation as well as the availability of professionally competent instructors available with MDi for guidance whenever needed.

The MBA gave me a broad perspective on different aspects of business and management which have greatly improved my career prospects. The MBA has opened further doors to roles I would otherwise have been excluded from applying for.

MDi is a truly excellent facilitator for the USQ programs and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who desires to broaden his or her horizons and further increase opportunities.