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Jawad Aslam

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MBA International Business

Jawad Aslam is Director, Quality of Service, Tech PMO & Budgeting at Mobilink GSM. He has recently completed his USQ Australia MBA International Business at MDi Pakistan.

This is what he had to say about the program:

I started my MBA in September 2009. I selected the University of Southern Queensland MBA at MDi after a careful comparison of different options available in the market. The flexibility of USQ’s program and the possibility of getting an accredited foreign degree while staying in Pakistan was what attracted me initially to go for the USQ MBA in International Business.

After qualifying for my MBA, I can now say that I found more reasons to reinforce my initial selection criteria. I found the course content to be up to date and the course materials and text books are one of the best that I have come across. Online library access and theUSQ study desk were excellent support tools.

I am currently working as Director, Quality of Service, Technical PMO and Budgeting in Mobilink GSM, the largest cellular operator in Pakistan. The USQ MBA has given me additional skill sets not only for my current roles but also equipped me for future challenges as well.