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Local and International Recognition

HEC PakistanThe USQ MBA program at Management Development Institute – MDi Pakistan – has now been formally validated and recognized by HEC Pakistan. The approval process required extensive submissions, inspections by an HEC committee and conformance to HEC’s quality requirements. The USQ MBA at MDi Pakistan is a serious program that does not promise any short-cuts and is externally examined with exams conducted by British Council.

The USQ Bachelor of Business, MBA and Masters programs at MDi Pakistan are now listed as approved programs on the HEC website here

The university also enjoys a solid reputation with local organizations and employers. A substantial number of our students from organizations such as Nortel Networks, Nokia Siemens, Mobilink, BHP Billiton etc. are are sponsored by their employers. USQ MBA, Dual Masters and Master of Project Management graduates now work in key positions in many sectors within the country – as senior business and technology managers in telecom companies, as CEOs of IT companies, as top managers within the development sector and public sector organizations.

International Recognition

In terms of international recognition, USQ Australia is an approved member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is a federally funded and recognized university in Australia with a significant physical infrastructure across various campuses.

USQ Australia is the Winner of the Australian University of the Year 2000-2001 and Recipient of the World Best Award for Institutional Excellence from the UNESCO based International Council for Distance Education (ICDE). It is also the recipient of the 2004 Commonwealth of Learning Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement at the third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in New Zealand.

Its qualifications are recognized globally by universities and many leading institutions and multinationals including organizations such as UNESCO and World Bank. USQ degrees are recognized throughout the European Union, including Germany and Austria, Switzerland, the US and more than 80 countries worldwide, including Commonwealth nations such as Canada and India.