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Flexibility and Relocation

In terms of flexibility, which is vital for working professionals who may have to balance professional workload, MBA studies and personal commitments, the USQ MBA program at MDi Pakistan offers unmatched flexibility. This flexibility is a function of way the program has been constructed using the following principles:

a) delivery method and attendance can vary but assessment standard does not change
b) great combination of self study facility plus full classroom support every week
c) comprehensive study materials per course and online access to course resources
d) the same syllabus, materials, assignments, exams, degree regardless of location

This translates directly to giving busy working professionals specific flexibility as follows:

I am very occupied with work this semester.

You can defer a course to another semester, take only 1 course in a particular semester, or drop the semester completely (freezing the semester). You can extend the total program time to 5 years in order to complete the degree.

Medical leave or urgent work project during exams/assignments.

You can apply for exam deferment based on formal medical/employer request

I am traveling to another country during exams.

You can request for change of exam center to any location in the globe.

I want to transfer my credits to the on-campus program.

Yes, this is a standard facility

I started a course but I can’t do this now because something urgent has come up.

You are allowed to drop a course after having started it by a certain drop date – which is about 2 weeks into the semester – without a financial or academic penalty.


The program has the great flexibility that you can continue the program without interruption in the case of a transfer abroad or to another city in Pakistan.

You can do this anywhere in the world by simply maintaining your registration with MDi Pakistan. We continue to provide you with study materials and facilitation for the rest of your tenure. Your exams are arranged at the British Council or similar exam center in your city. You transmit your assignments as usual via the UConnectTM system for assessment by USQ Australia.

We help you to stay in touch with the local tutors and send you class materials and presentations where appropriate. Your student ID and UConnectTM access stays with you until you graduate.