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Credit Transfers and Exemptions

The USQ MBA and Masters programs in Pakistan enjoy full credit transfers with the o­n-campus program at USQ Australia. You may complete a few courses at MDi Pakistan and the remaining at USQ Australia. For example, you may wish to do 6 courses here and 6 in Australia, or 8 here and 4 in Australia. The choice is yours.

Once you have gained admission into the USQ MBA or Masters program at MDi Pakistan, there is no need to re-apply for o­n-campus admission. All that is required is a transfer request and of course completion of visa formalities.

Please note that in case of transfers, the standard USQ Australia fee structure for international students will be applied.

The program has the great flexibility that you can in the case of say a transfer abroad continue the program without interruption at one of the international USQ locations or by switching seamlessly to a fully online or a fully distance education mode. USQ Australia maintains your student ID and enrolment as well as transcripts for immediate continuation from where you left off.

Exemptions for Previous Study

Exemptions can be applied for during the application. USQ grants exemptions if the candidate has successfully completed the requisite business courses previously at a credible and recognized institution and where the courses are similar in content and level.