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Is This MBA For You?

This program at MDi Pakistan has been designed keeping in view the needs of working professionals who want an international grade program with the flexibility that allows them to work unhindered at the same time. But applicants and students from various sectors, nationalities, work experience and qualifications each have their own expectations of what the MBA will do for them. How can you know if this program will suit your objectives?

Well, let’s get started! Click below the Overall Proposition  of this program as well as the Typical Profiles of our MBA and Masters students  and you can assess if this coincides with your thinking and your needs.

Overall Proposition - Click Here

Option 1 – Going Abroad 

You have been thinking about going abroad for the MBA – maybe to the US, UK or Australia. This would be the preferred  choice for many professionals to go abroad and get an international MBA experience. But wait – the cost is going to be a minimum of USD40,000 for fees and a similar amount for living/travel expenses. Add the cost of losing your salary for the time you’re away if you’re a working professional and this option starts to look not so practical any more. OK, so what is the next best option that most people here think about for an MBA…

Option 2 – Join LUMS in Lahore or IBA in Karachi

Both of these institutions offer high-value programs and have a good reputation. But these might not be practical or workable options for many working professionals with work commitments that cannot fit in with the university’s academic schedules.. The requirement to be in Lahore or Karachi is a problem for some students who do not reside there and if you happen to be traveling overseas on an urgent company assignment during exams, that’s a big problem. Then there is the fact that while LUMS and IBA are well known in Pakistan, these degrees are nonetheless local degrees.

Option 3 – Just do the Average Local MBA

So now you start to consider the more local alternatives after the first two higher quality options are no longer practical. There are lot’s of MBA’s in this category to choose from all over Pakistan but for many successful working professionals who are already gainfully employed, this does not represent a value-add to their credibility or a pathway to international mobility and recognition.

This is where the international grade USQ MBA or Masters programs at MDi Pakistan become the preferred option…

You don’t have to compromise. You stay where you are, get an authentic international degree with a world-class and contemporary syllabus, at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad. This is a full 2-year MBA or Masters program – we do not offer any short cuts or compromises on quality or standard of assessment – you wouldn’t want that from an international program anyway. But you get a lot of flexibility designed specifically for busy working professionals.

Now click on the other link “Typical Profiles” too see if you belong to one of these profiles

Typical Profiles - Click Here

Senior Manager – with 8+ years of experience

Usually a senior manager with a technical, finance, marketing or HR background and substantial experience. Someone who did their bachelor degree quite some time ago, got busy with their career and now want an international MBA as a value-add for possible international placement or transfer within their own company

Technical Manager or Mid Level Manager – with 5+ years of experience

Typically a technical manager or specialist from the telecoms, IT, oil and gas sector or from a multinational or large national organization who wants to re-profile or re-brand into a general management type career. These professionals are doing well in their companies and are looking for advancement as well as international assignments

Expatriate based in Islamabad or another city in Pakistan

Expatriate staff or spouse posted in Pakistan for 2-3 years at a diplomatic mission or an international development agency who wishes to complete an international degree and a program that allows for study completion in the home country or another location in case of posting out of Pakistan

Expatriate Pakistani based in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Afghanistan etc

Pakistani national working as mid-level or senior managers in the Middle East in the telecoms and construction sectors or a multinational and looking for an international grade MBA degree with the convenience of affordable distance education study.

Mid Level Manager or Technical Professional in Lahore, Karachi or another city in Pakistan

Pakistani national who joined the program in Islamabad then got posted to another city and continues the study program seamlessly or a busy working professional living in Karachi, Lahore etc who wants to leverage the benefits of a distance education and self study facility that the program also offers. MDi arranges the exam center at British Council Karachi or Lahore etc. and students access the UConnect facility for assignment submission, course discussion boards and reference material

Oil and Gas Executive with 2 Weeks in Islamabad and 2 Weeks in Field

A number of our students and graduates come from the Oil and Gas sector where field work for 2 weeks is standard operating procedure. The USQ MBA program offers the perfect blend of program – a combination of self study materials, a powerful UConnect facility plus access to tutors and classes when in Islamabad

Junior Executive or Fresh Graduate – with little or no experience – seeks Australian Immigration

These are executives who have just started out in their careers or are in their first job. Quite a few of these have plans to emigrate to countries such as UK, Australia or Canada and seek an international degree. Some complete the program in Pakistan while the remaining transfer credits to the on-campus program at USQ or other international universities