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Graduate Certificate in Business – USQ Australia

Postgraduate Certificate in Business (Early Career)The Graduate Certificate in Business (GCBU) is an entry level program that provides pathways into the Masters and MBA programs. Applicants who do not have a 4 year bachelor degree and 2 years or more of work experience are required to join this program first before articulating into the MBA or Masters programs.

An applicant with little or no work experience can opt to start postgraduate study by taking admission in this program while completing the requirements of 2 years or more of work experience. Similarly, an applicant with a 2 year or 3 year Bachelor degree who has the requisite experience will also be required to first complete this program.

This program requires a total of 4 courses over 2 semesters or 8 months and is required for all applicants who do not have a 4 years Honors bachelor degree and 2 years of experience. On satisfactory completion of this program and 2 years of work experience, students will then be allowed to complete the remaining 8 courses for the MBA.
Applicants with a recognized 4-year BBA or equivalent business degree and at least 2 years of work experience will be able to apply for direct entry into the MBA.


The courses are as follows (click on the links to view the course synopsis):

MGT5000 Managing Organisational Behaviour
ACC5502 Accounting and Financial Management
MKT5000 Marketing Management
ECO5000 Economics for Managers