Asim Ayaz is working as a Senior Project Manager at STC, the topmost leading telecom company in the Middle East. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ Australia) at MDi Pakistan. This is what he has to say about his experience:

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I began work as an Electro-Mechanical supervisor at Ericsson. The job demanded management skills in addition to fulfilling the technical aspects which inspired me to complete my certification in PMP. As I progressed throughout my career, I felt the need for extensive knowledge in handling day-to-day organizational activities. Therefore, I opted for a valuable MBA program and came across the great offering from USQ Australia at MDi Business School.

Initially when I started my MBA, I was excited but anxious as well since I had not touched any academic studies for 8 years. My first semester was quite challenging as I tried to manage time between work, family, and studies. At times I would feel overwhelmed especially when I had assignments due or written exams. However, after successfully passing the first semester, I came to realize that the only obstacle between me and achieving various feats in life was myself. This MBA has helped me to achieve levels beyond my capacity so much so that I was even able to weave in time for gym activities.

The staff at MDi has always supported me during my tough times. Their impeccable personality has always been a positive guidance in helping me with my studies. The flexible study plan is quite exceptional and students are assisted with various options to manage their finances. MDi has passionately bridged the gap between students and international degree programs to provide accessible and affordable learning. I urge future candidates to avail this opportunity from MDi as it is definitely the path to academic success in post-graduate studies.