The featured student is Arham Tausif. Arham works as an Account Manager at J. Walter Thompson in Islamabad. He has worked in the advertising industry since 2013 with a short stint in the tech sector developing apps and video/audio content and streaming platforms. This is what Arham says about why he joined the USQ Australia MBA program at MDi Pakistan:

After completing my Bachelors in Business Administration, I started working for a content curation company. I was mostly developing content for sports websites and organizations in England. After that, I switched to advertising and joined Adcom Leo Burnett’s digital team in Islamabad. That’s when I enrolled in the Masters program offered by MDi. I felt it was time to focus on my studies and this was the best option if one wants to get an international Masters degree in the country and is unable to afford going abroad.

The MBA program is very hands-on and comprehensive and covers some core subjects  irrespective of the specialization you opt for. I wanted to focus on Global Business Management and Digital Transformation and felt the courses were thorough and well planned.  The evening classes at MDi very also very helpful and the teaching faculty was well-equipped in providing us help with assignments and research work.

Studying while juggling two jobs is no easy task, but I’m glad I opted for this program. I had the likes of Asad Zaidi, Amna Mughal and Nassar Khokhar who have helped me in every way possible to ensure I complete my Masters.