Three major benefits of doing an international MBA in Pakistan are the ability to switch careers, upgrade to a new level in the existing career or secure an international assignment outside the country. An internationally recognized MBA degree will open the doors to jobs in any sector and attract the attention of international recruiters. Let’s look at each of the above possibilities:

1- Switch Careers

What an MBA really does is to create a new mindset about what else might be possible. Many MBA graduates report that while doing the MBA or just after completing it, they have a realization that they might have other options. For example, an option might be to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. Another option might be to switch to another career in a different sector that is more aligned with their own strengths and expectations.

Why does this happen? Well, this is partly because the MBA provides such an all-encompassing kind of curriculum that opens up the mind. It is also because one meets fellow students and teaching faculty who are from different walks of life, different types of organizations and different experiences.

If in the end the graduate decides not to switch careers, the benefit can be a sense of renewed commitment to optimize the experience in the existing work environment.

2- Upgrade to a New Level in the Existing Career

This is a very common experience for the majority of MBA graduates. It can be a promotion to a significantly new level in the organization and a corresponding increase in financial remuneration.

Many MBA students at MDi Pakistan who come from technical or engineering backgrounds just grow into team leadership positions. This is usually a function of seniority and being in their jobs for a number of years. Armed with the MBA and the insights that come from this, the same professionals get the confidence to seek out and secure senior management positions within their own organizations or other organizations in the same sector.

3- International Assignment Outside the Country

As many as 50% of the total number of MBA graduates of the USQ Australia MBA at MDi Pakistan since 2002 are now in international positions around the world. This includes UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and many other destinations. For someone with a good undergraduate degree and work experience in a smart organization in Pakistan, probably the fastest route to an international assignment via relocation, migration or recruitment in an overseas organization is to acquire an international MBA here in Pakistan.

It is simply amazing to see how many of our students get such assignments as soon as they have completed the MBA or sometimes just as they are about to complete it.

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