Foundation and English

Foundation and EnglishThe 12 months USQ Australia Diploma of University Studies is an international foundation diploma for anyone who has not completed Year 12 studies or is currently studying to complete 12 years of studies. The Diploma of University Studies ensures a comfortable transition to university study.

This diploma is designed for local and foreign students who need initial orientation to business subjects and computers as well as additional exposure to studies in an English language and higher-standard environment than what they may have been used to previously. It delivers an introduction to business studies at university level and allows you to develop essential study skills in English, critical analysis and mathematics.


The Diploma of University Studies is awarded by USQ Australia and on completion, enables students to:


  • become ready for and gain entry into the mainstream higher international education system
  • acquire the basic business skills to be employable or to enter into a micro-enterprise program


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English Language Proficiency and IELTS Preparation


MDi also offers an English language program designed to help individuals develop fluency in their speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and comprehension of the English language.


We also offer an intensive 16-hour program on IELTS preparation for students as well as adult learners from all walks of life. IELTS measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Our English language and IELTS programs are customized to learner needs and can be structured for individuals and small or large groups. For more information, please call 051 8480200 | 8480201 or email