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Idea Generation

Useful video on how to generate ideas and find opportunities for both aspiring entrepreneurs seeking business ideas and existing business owners seeking product innovation or new markets


Idea Generation :: SLU Entrepreneurship Diplomate from SLU-Center for Entrepreneurship on Vimeo.

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The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Matthew Hussey’s rise to success as a speaker and a coach has been meteoric. From beginning as a one to one coach working with people in coffee shops, he now runs programs across the globe for people looking to take every area of their lives to the next level. In this video, he provides an informative and powerful lecture titled: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship. It is a long video (over an hour) but it is simply brilliant and an inspiration to all young people


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The Balance Sheet Barrier

If you are one of the 98% of the world’s population that could never figure out what a balance sheet is, this video may be your only chance to learn…


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Best Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

This is an excellent video that features various women leaders offering their best advice for women entrepreneurs


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Women Entrepreneurs – Examples Not Exceptions

Women entrepreneurs aren’t micro — so why do they only get micro-loans? Reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon argues in this TED talk that women running all types of firms— from home businesses to major factories— are the overlooked key to economic development.


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Essential Selling Skills

This is an overview of the stages and tasks of selling. The video also provides a good explanation of how selling has evolved over the years and the different kinds of techniques used by salespeople. A good introductory video for those not too familiar with selling principles.


Essential Selling Skills Online Training Session 1: Stages and Critical Tasks of Selling from Sales Training And Results, Inc. on Vimeo.

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Sales Persuasion – 6 Keys

The information in this video is based on the work of Robert Cialdini, probably the world’s greatest expert on the subject of persuasion. It provides a summary of 6 ways to persuade your sales clients in a away that is proven, professional and ethical.


The Science Behind Sales Persuasion from The Auto Agency on Vimeo.

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The Income Statement

This video tutorial demystifies the income statement, one of the key financial statements that all entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with


8 Factors: Facing the Income Statement from stacy waters on Vimeo.

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Life Changing Insult

When she was young, real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star Barbara Corcoran never thought she could succeed running her own business. Then her ex-husband uttered a life-changing insult…


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Customer Journey Mapping

An excellent video that explains the process of how companies can map out the possible customer experience and the various activities and emotional highs and lows that customers experience as they transact with your product or service


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