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Product and Market Fit

Making a new product or service is not that hard – but how do you ensure your customers want what you have to offer? How do you ensure product and market fit? This video interview of Ash Maurya, author of the book Running Lean, explains…


Interview with Ash Maurya Author of Running Lean from Philipp Knoll on Vimeo.

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The Marketing Mix

Provides a basic but fairly detailed explanation of the 4 Ps of the marketing mix and variations such as the & Ps


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A Case Study in Niche Marketing

As founder of fashion startup Mode-sty, Zahra Aljabri is trying to make modest fashion both attractive and affordable for today’s women. In this video, she describes the difficulties that modest dressers face, and how she is creating a better experience for them. This is an excellent example of an entrepreneur working in a niche that came to light when she wanted to buy clothes online for conservative women…


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3 Stages of a Startup – The Lean Startup

3 Stages of a Startup

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Positioning – The Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide

Positioning – Where did this word come from? In the “The Battle for your Mind”, a book by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the word positioning was used to indicate how companies reach their consumers in the noise of a crowded marketplace…

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