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Basic Financial Terminology Quiz

Basic Financial Terms


This is a financial literacy quiz for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. This is the kind of information every entrepreneur big or small should be familiar with.


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Time Value of Money

This is a really neat video explaining the time value of money and the inter-related concepts of Present Value and Future Value


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Net Income Definition

Probably the most common measure of a company’s profitability, net income is essentially revenue less all expenses. This video provides a clear explanation in a graphical way of net income and how it is calculated.

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The Three Types of Cash Flow

This video provides a brief but effective explanation of the three types of cash flow in an organization: cash flow from operations, cash flow from investments and cash flow from financing. For small business, understanding cash flow is vital. Entrepreneurs need to understand finance but if you have to select one area to focus on initially, that would be cash flow.


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