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Idea Generation

Useful video on how to generate ideas and find opportunities for both aspiring entrepreneurs seeking business ideas and existing business owners seeking product innovation or new markets


Idea Generation :: SLU Entrepreneurship Diplomate from SLU-Center for Entrepreneurship on Vimeo.

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Get Your Ideas to Spread

Marketing guru and author Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, you cannot get your ideas to spread if these are routine or boring. Even bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones


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A Case Study in Niche Marketing

As founder of fashion startup Mode-sty, Zahra Aljabri is trying to make modest fashion both attractive and affordable for today’s women. In this video, she describes the difficulties that modest dressers face, and how she is creating a better experience for them. This is an excellent example of an entrepreneur working in a niche that came to light when she wanted to buy clothes online for conservative women…


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Trusting Your Instinct

Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest, made a leap of faith by trusting her instinct in starting her business, and hasn’t regretted it. Find out what advice she has for founding and growing your business


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Questions To Ask About Your Business Model

business modelOne of the leading thinkers about business models is Alex Osterwalder, the authored the book Business Model Generation and articulated the Business Model Canvas. Osterwalder advises that entrepreneurs ask themselves the following questions about their business model as this may be helpful in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the approach to the business…


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Simple Ideas That Made Millions

This video explains how you don’t have to create rocket-science ideas. Just simple ideas that resonate with potential users and their needs can lead to success,



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Cool Gadgets From the Internet Of Things

A catalog of interesting new gadgets from the internet of things. These ideas are an inspiration for those thinking about idea generation and new business opportunities..


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Developing An Idea For A Home Business

Straightforward advice on developing an idea for a home business. Home businesses can be a great way to start a business for many people because of the lower cost and lower risk



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Evaluating Your Business Idea

There is no magical way to predict if your business idea is going to take off or not. This entrepreneur however provides some insights on the kind of thinking that gives you some clues about the feasibility of your business proposition


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Harvest Rainwater

Discover how to sustainably harvest rainwater – up to 100,000 gallons of rainwater per year in your own back yard. This is what Brad Lancaster does in Tucson, Arizona as he reduces environmental and financial costs and produces free resources. This could be a great idea for a social enterprise in communities in many developing countries where there is water scarcity…


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