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Crash Course in Entrepreneurship

Crash Course in EntrepreneurshipThis is a simple but effective crash course in entrepreneurship that will take you through the basic steps of starting a business without all the theory and trimmings. In the process, the article will also refer to some external resources and links within this website that you should read to complete the process…


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Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Development

MDi Pakistan offers a 12-weeks Diploma in Entrepreneurship that is a unique first in Pakistan. There are other entrepreneurship programs in the country offered by universities, NGOs and private organizations that are either academic in nature or last over a few days but this is the first credible longer term program that has been designed to offer practical skills and mentoring.


The Diploma is based on the following:

  • a practical program based on internationally proven content
  • taught by experienced entrepreneurs and trainers, not university professors
  • supported by IFC, a part of the World Bank Group
  • certification will include the logo of MDi and IFC Business Edge

For more information about this program, please visit here or visit the MDi Entrepreneurship Facebook


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Diploma in Entrepreneurship Video

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