Content Development

Content DevelopmentWith 15 years of experience in delivering training content to various kinds of organizations in different sectors, MDi Pakistan understands well how content needs to be developed, structured, presented and delivered.


With instructional designers, subject matter experts and content creators, MDi has been involved with a number of content development projects in both English as well as Urdu. The instructional design underpinning all the content development projects is based on accommodation of various learning styles, conformance to a prescribed learning profile, modular units that are easy to customize and localize, and use of companion web resources to facilitate additional web-based learning.


The overall design methodology is heavily interactive, with activities, quizzes, videos, role plays, games, peer-peer learning and clinics.


The content development projects include:


1- Women Entrepreneurship Content (English)


This was a large project for development of 10 new training modules for a full range of topics related to women entrepreneurship. These modules were developed for IFC Gender Secretariat, Washington D.C. and are now being piloted internationally in a number of emerging markets. The content was designed to cater to capacity building of existing women entrepreneurs and topics include Business Modeling, Marketing, Selling, Social Media, Financial Management, HR and Women Leadership.


2- Development of Soft Skills Modules (English and Urdu)


This is an ongoing project funded by Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) related to development of soft skills modules in both English and Urdu for technical/vocational students across various institutions in Punjab.


3- Customization of Existing Content (English)


This was related to customization of micro-enterprise modules for a donor funded training program in Peshawar and Lahore.


4- New Content Modules for Youth Associations (Urdu)


Urdu ToolkitA series of tool kits with Urdu text and associated images for use by youth associations in southern Punjab. The content in these tool kits is intended to provide guidance to these youth associations on advocacy, planning and paralegal training.


5- Creation of E-Learning Content and Web Material


A variety of e-learning courses and web-based material have been developed for use by clients and students using fully open source tools such as Learning Management System (LMS)  and WordPress-based content management system.


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